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About me

Øistein Rune Hansen Born 1964 in Grunnlovs bygda, Eidsvoll Municipality. 

Nature photographer with emphasis on landscape, wildlife and outdoor photos in Norwegian Nature. Started with photography in the early 80's with my first analog camera, Rico XR-S, 35mm. Since 2009 I have been using Nikon Professional Equipment.


I am a member of Eidsvoll Foto klub, the first photo exhibition in 2017. In the summer of 2019, I had a large separate exhibition in the gallery at Folldal Gruver. 40 photos under the title "High and low in the realm of national parks" Delivers photos for decoration, business and private.


Freelance photographer for the local newspaper Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad, EUB. Regularly delivers the picture of the week, (nature picture) in print every Saturday.

Certified Drone operator with approval from the Civil Aviation Authority in category A1 / A3. Insured according to Regulation, EC NO. 785/2004. Member of UAS Norway. Owner of Hansen Natur & Foto, Org. Nr. 948528908 MVA

Awards & Nominations:

2016 - Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) - 2 photos nominated.

2018 - Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) - Endangered Nordic Nature - 2nd place.

2018 - Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) - This year's Nordic Mammal Picture 4-10 place.

2018 - Fusion Arts 3rd Annual Landscapes, USA - Best in show for the month of April 2018.

2020 - Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) - 2 photos nominated.

2021 - Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) - 4 photos nominated.

2021 - Siena (Italy) International Photo Awards, Categorie, Drone Contest - 3 photos nominated.


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